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SBS Rubberized Shingle

Here at Eco Home Service we know a homeowner’s roof is the first line of defense against the elements of nature and that is why we choose to carry only the best roofing products on the market today! We carry many options ranging from top of the line Architectural Shingles with smog reducing granules to High Profile Designer Shingles, with Scotch Guard TM. Protector helping with the resistance of Algae Staining, standing up to extreme weather impact resistance.

What is an SBS Shingle?

SBS is an engineered polymer of a hard rubber (which is often found in common items such as shoes and tires) and tough plastic added to regular shingle asphalt. When added, SBS provides a roof additional strength and durability to resist wind-driven rain, and maximum impact protection to repel hail and wind-blown debris.

And as an added bonus you may find that, An SBS Shingles passes a Class 4 Impact Rating, which is the most stringent impact test for shingles. An additional homeowner benefit is that many homeowners insurance providers provide discounts for homes with a Class 4 Impact Rated shingles .

Not only do our certified installers install beautiful top of the line roofs but we install them with a confidence that allows us to extend a 50 year lifetime warranty too!



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